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Meridia Weight Loss Pill

The Meridia weight loss pill is a prescription diet drug designed to combat obesity. To date, prescriptions for Meridia weight loss pill have topped 9 million, even though clinical tests have shown that individuals using the Meridia weight loss pill only tend to lose 7-11 pounds more than those who simply diet.

In 1997, the Meridia weight loss pill was approved by the FDA, against the recommendations of an FDA review board, who claimed Meridia weight loss pills had side effects that outweighed their relatively limited benefits. The side effects of Meridia weight loss pills include dry mouth and insomnia, but the FDA doctor who researched the Meridia weight loss pill was most concerned about the frequent appearance of hypertension and arrhythmia. Because the people taking Meridia weight loss pills are already at risk for heart trouble linked to obesity, these are not worthwhile risks in many doctors’ opinions. Meridia weight loss pills entered the market in 1998, and have since been linked to 29 deaths and 397 reports of serious side effects. Because Meridia weight loss pill incidents are voluntarily reported, the actual statistics are assumed to be much higher.

The Meridia weight loss pill is classified as a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, meaning that individuals can become addicted to Meridia weight loss pills. After two deaths related to the drug, Italy has suspended all sales of the Meridia weight loss pill, and England and France are both reviewing hundreds of reports of side effects. A recall of Meridia weight loss pills has been demanded by Public Citizen, an American consumer group, who petitioned the FDA in March of 2002.

Meridia weight loss pills have been linked to serious, life-threatening side effects. If you or a loved one takes Meridia weight loss pills, consult a physician for advice. You may be at risk for serious illness or death. If Meridia weight loss pills have caused any health issues for you, you may wish to seek legal representation. An attorney familiar with Meridia weight loss pills and their side effects can help you determine the best course of action for you to take.

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The FDA is currently reviewing the safety implications that have been associated with Meridia in response to Public Citizen’s petition. Public Citizen has petitioned for the removal of four other FDA approved drugs since 1996 and three of the drugs ended up being banned and one severely restricted.

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